Where we work

The Domincan Republic, where Dominican Eyes Plus+ works, occupies a little over half of the Caribean Island Hispaniola

The area where we work is on the north coast of the Domincan Republic, in and around the city of Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Most of our eyeglass and food clients come from this area, in and around Sosua, Puerto Plata.  

The Dominican Republic has a great diversity of wealth. Compare this home near Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic with the one below.

A home in the neighborhood of Puerto Plata. called Aqua Negra (black water). It is clear that someone lives in this home from the TV antenna on the building, and the laundry hanging on a line outside.

This picture illustrates well the conditions under which many of our food and eyeglass clients live. Shown is a litle girl waving at the camera while standing in frnt of a derilict car and a ramshackle building, possibly her home.

We deliver food and hold eyeglass clinics in 13 different villages along a 70 kilometer route in the general area of Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

These villages and those in the next column-->

• Paraiso
• Redencion
• Monte Llano
• Saman
• Poncho Mateo
• Severe
• Carabello 

The rest of the villages are:

• Ascencion
• Arroyo Sevo
• Bella Vista
• La Piedra
• Munoz
• La Cienga

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