Free Eyeglasses

At the right, our extensive inventory of recycled eyeglasses for a typical eyeglass clinic.
• 13 = Number of villages served.

• 2 = Number of eyeglass clinics weekly.
• 50 = number of eyeglasses weekly (~1,200 per year).

• ~500 pairs/year come from Church mission groups who cooperate as volunteers with our mission worker.

Those eyeglasses are processed with equipment purchased with donations from may generous individuals.

• 2,000 = Current inventory, which varies daily.

• 5.000 = Number of eyeglasses supplied to Date by the Wisconsin Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center ( See below).

Our main source of Eyeglasses
The Wisconsin Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center processes eyeglasses collected by Lions clubs all over the midwest region of the United States.  The process includes:
• Inspection of donated eyeglasses,
• Measuring the prescription,
• Sorting by prescription, gender, and  age,
• Boxing into boxes of 50 pairs for shipment,
• Shipping to Mission groups. 

Primary mission worker Karen uses an Auto-refactor to determine the precription needed to correct the little girl's vision.

                   Happy Clients

Our clients always smile with their new recycled eyeglasses

A truck driver needs to be able to see for his job.

New recycled eyeglasses help our clients do projects like needlework at home.

See, they always smile! 

Three generations

Left and right, Grandma and Mom. Grandson and son in the middle.

Many of our clients are children, who are better able to read and learn with their free recycled eyeglasses.

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