Left to right in this picture are three individual pictures: food to be delivered, glasses set up  for an eye clinic, and grandma, grandson and mom after visiting the eyeglass clinic. Grandma has her new glasses on, grandson has flipped them  up on his head, and Mom decided not to wear her new glasses for this picture.

Free eyeglasses and food distribution in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Eyes Plus+ USA, Inc. Free Eyeglasses and Examinations

Free Eyeglasses and free eye examinations in 13 villages in and around
Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

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Clinic in the Village of Arroyo Seco 

Primary mission Worker Karen Conquergood is in the waiting area outside the pharmacy,  distributing and explaining the dosage of meds ordered by the Dr., to a local lady and her family.

Dominican Republic
About us

Free food, 
free eye exams, free eyeglasses, delivery of medications and food, and Free Wellness clinics.

Free Eyeglasses

We have 2 eyeglass clinics a week in different villages, examining eyes, measuring prescriptions and fitting appropriate eyeglasses on about 50 clients a week.

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Food and medications...

...are delivered weekly to about 101 families.

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Wellness Clinics...

...are conducted in 13 different remote villages in and around Sosua, Puerta Plata, Domincan Republic.


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Wellness Clinic at Redencion Village

Left to right, Dr. Ester's helper, Volunteer Dr. Ester, and primary mission worker Karen Conquergood.

Preparing for a Wellness Clinic in the village of Batey La Union

Left to right,Karen Conquergood, volunteer Dr. Ventura, and Volunteers Walter and Carol Warkenton.